All About Commercial Electrical services


Electrical, industrial installation work must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor employing licensed electricians. An industrial electrical contractor should have the experience in a broad range of industrial settings and should hire licensed commercial and industrial electricians who can perform any electrical task that a business might need. These include air conditioning, exhaust fans, shop fit-outs, switchboard upgrades, smoke alarms, sensor light installations, re-wires, new shed wirings, display lighting, security lighting, 3-phase outlets and safety switches and surge arresters. Take a moment to see how to make sure your industrial electrical contractor is up to the task.

Contractor License

When hiring an industrial electrical contractor, it is important to remember than an electrician’s commercial or industrial license is not the same as an electrical contractor’s license. You need a licensed contractor rather than just  licensed electricians ringwood. Any business is better off hiring a licensed contractor who is responsible for the quality and the safety of the work that their electricians perform. This should be detailed in a written contract. A larger industrial electrical contractor can also provide additional services you may need like telephone cabling, or data and network cabling. These services require specialised licenses. Make sure your contractor has these.

Industrial Installations

An industrial electrical installation is complicated. Your industrial electrical contractor should provide you with a detailed plan of the work to be done that includes information on the following:


  • If the service connection is made at a medium voltage level, a substation will have to design and built. It may be located indoors or outdoors and must comply with relevant standards. A low voltage connection is connected directly to the power grid and metred.


  • The earthing system to protect against electrical shocks can be of 3 kinds of networks. TT where the protective earth connection is provided by a local connection to the land; TN where one of the points of the generator or transformer is connected to the earth; or IT which uses a high impedance connection rather than an earth connection.


  • Any industrial electrical installation should provide protection against voltage surges or lightning strikes that can damage expensive equipment.


  • Your facility should include measuring devices that monitor usage and help lower power consumption and lower energy costs.


  • The maximum load demand imposed on the power supply system must be assessed. This is not the sum of all the loads in any installation but rather depends on utilisation rates. It is important to ensure that your facility is efficient and is not unnecessarily large, but at the same time meets maximum load requirements.



Any reputable industrial electrical contractor will provide you with a maintenance schedule that they will adhere to, to make periodic checks of the installation work they have performed. An industrial electrical installation is a complex job and must be monitored to ensure it is safe and to detect any potential problems.

Always make sure that you observe all the above actors so that you will get the best of your electrical contractor.